Our Product Line

Our products are easy to use to create all your favourite foods.

Quick Simple Directions:

Example 1multi use batter mix
PUREST Brownies mix up in minutes, in a single bowl.

Example 2
PUREST Gravy Mix is sprinkled into any roast drippings, stirred and simmered for a minute, and it’s ready to enjoy.

Example 3
Marvellous quickly dissolves in cold milk to make chocolate milk in seconds, and makes hot fudge in minutes.

Multiple Directions For Each Product:

Example 1:multi use thickener mix
PUREST Purebatters can be cooked in three different ways:
Deep Fried, Pan Fried, & Oven Baked

Example 2:
PUREST Marvellous makes cold chocolate milk, hot fudge, fondue sauce, hot cocoa and much more.

Example 3:
PUREST Gravy Mix is seasoned for all kinds of meat drippings but can also be used to thicken stews & sauces.